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I met Jan on the ferry last night. We talked about the project, issues of peak oil and implications for the long term sustainability of the Seuang River Community – and the environmental impact of international jet travel to the region. It was a reminder to me that whilst at the moment we can hop around the world in planes, and youth from different parts of the world can visit the Seuang River Communities in person, it may soon become too costly to do this. What happens to the Seuang River Communities that become reliant on eco-tourism when fewer people can travel due to cost or political upheaval such as in Thailand now? Will they be in a worse situation than now, having given up and forgotten traditional ways of living?

Whilst one function of our activity is to support visiting student groups I believe our greater challenge is to seek elegant ways to engage from a distance, to provide virtual connectedness and wealth creation that are immune from a reduction in physical visitor numbers – and that this is achieved with full and empowered participation of the Seuang River Communities.

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