About: John Eyles

I'm an ideas person, an artist, educator and a businessman obsessed with pragmatic outcomes. I provide value through thought leadership and innovative thinking. My current expertise is in understanding trends, risks and opportunities in the area of Online Social Networking, E-Learning, Web 2.0, Web 3.0, Virtual Worlds, Mobile Services and the Future Telco. I enjoy speaking at conferences and other events. My Vision: Education towards freedom for an inclusive and sustainable world though cooperation, mutual respect and understanding, supported by new communication technologies. My Goals: * Working to create a sustainable future through engaging, globally connected, communities * Working with visionary thinkers and creators * Working in the online learning, social media and communications space * Working to meld audiovisual mobile media and virtual world gaming into learning games and new knowledge systems Specialties: Thought Leadership Entrepreneurship Creative Thinking & Strategic Problem Solving Innovation Leadership Computer Mediated Social Networking Web 2.0 / Web 3.0 Virtual Worlds and Web 3D Harnessing distributed groups through digital media E-Learning / Mobile Learning Group Facilitation Research Practice and Methods Interdisciplinary Collaboration Conference Keynote Speaker

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