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For the second year in a row the students of Dubai American Academy journey to Seuang River Experience. Highlights included rafting, hilltribe villages, swimming, elephant riding, camp fires and assisting with the construction of a local elementary school.

An image for you

a market in bangkok

a market in bangkok

The internet is slow here. I am in Luang Prabang – I will update more soon!

Almost off..

Kia Ora, Pamela here from yMedia…

I’m about to embark on a 2 week journey as a part of the Seuang River Adventure project and I’m hoping I’ll be able to update you along the way. So watch this space 🙂

I’m currently at the airport waiting for my $15 meal voucher promised to me immediately after being informed that there is going to be a ‘few hour’ delay as there are issues with ‘the engine’ and that we would need to disembark the plane.

Awesome start!  Luckily I don’t have a connecting flight to Luang Prabang until tomorrow AM…

No exciting news to share just yet – except JetStar demanded I have a PRINTED itinerary (hello???) which required a quick dash to the Hilton Business Centre.  Oh and also this guy at customs smiled at me and started rambling in German… I stared blankly for about a minute while he chatted to me.  He then goes ‘oh – no german?’  I shook my head and he ran off.  How peculiar.

OK – 1 minute left on this kiosk.. (travelling sans laptop is a very naked feeling..)


Seuang River Experience is pleased to support

Seuang River Experience is pleased to support

Seuang River Experience has been selected to show case responsible tourism practices as outlined in the Cape Town Declaration.

Learn more about World Responsible Tourism Day and the important role Seuang River Experience participants play in making the world a more responsible place to live and travel.


Three groups of students from the media design school presented their versions of the Seuang River Experience for review. You can see each website below.

Group 1: | Group 2: | Group 3:

Each design is impressive, and we would like to acknowledge the enormous hard work, time and skill that has gone into their creation. We have decided to use group three’s design, with the inclusion of strong marketing elements from group one and two’s project designs for promotional purposes on the themekong.com website. We thank everyone again for their enthusiasm and commitment to the project, with outstanding results.

Jake – a students from St Thomas University, speaks about his experience helping build the Community Centre in Napho Village.

Interview with Jake

MP3 File